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Blue Planet Lighting FEBRUARY 2010 BLUE PLANET NEWS

Blue Planet Lighting News Blue Planet Lights Up Branson at ABA 2010

ABA 2010

Blue Planet Lighting once again provided programming, operation and logistical support for the Branson portion of the 2010 ABA Convention in Washington, D.C.

Blue Planet Lighting NewsBarco Releases New FQ-100 Fogger

FQ-100 Fog Generator

Barco's new FQ-100 Fog Generator features a durable, versatile industry-standard unit offering everything from fine mist to massive fog. Shipping Soon!

Blue Planet Entertainment Lighting and Sound

New Product Annoucements From Enttec


Multiple new products have been released by Australian Lighting Manufacturer, Enttec - The D-SPLIT and The ALEPH1.

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Hurricane II Fan Now Has On-Board DMX


Not only can you tilt,  swivel, hang, lock the angle, choose from three speeds that can be changed so smoothly, it practically acts like a variable speed fan, and have the power of a catagory one hurricane, but you can do it all from your control booth.

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