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New ETC Prodigy FlyPipe

April 10, 2019 - Middleton, Wisconsin

Enhance any space with lighting, sound, projection, or any other gear that’s often avoided because it feels like it’s in the way. With minimal structural engineering needs, this self-climbing hoist is easily installed to give purpose to the dark, unused corners of your world. With minimal stress on the structure of your building and simple installation, Prodigy FlyPipe defies what you have come to know about gravity and enables you to breathe life back into your space.

Installation locations are nearly limitless! Just imagine what could exist with the raising and lowering control of Prodigy FlyPipe. No more unstable ladders. No more lift rental. No more hassle. With Prodigy FlyPipe and QuickTouch Preset, you create and control your environment.

Available in a variety of lengths between 18’ and 38’, FlyPipe’s modular design consists of three elements: a Drive Section, a Span Section and an End Section. Selecting the length of your hoist means you can install it in places never before imagined. Bring the arts to a new level for those who are otherwise unable to climb ladders, walk catwalks, or access tight box booms.

Get students involved in rigging technology for the arts. Include them in the programming and use of a technology-rich system. Cafeterias, gymnasiums, theatres, and meeting spaces will be transformed safely without the use of lifts and ladders. Watch as they create useful, artful environments within reach. Prodigy FlyPipe brings the technology to you.

For more information or to request a quote on the new Prodigy FlyPipe from ETC, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103 or via email at

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