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New High End Systems TurboRay

April 01, 2019 - Austin, Texas

More than a wash, more than a beam - TurboRay’s digital breakup pierces the air with twinkling rays of light, while an animation and gobo wheel give you the power to twist and break up your aerials in new and dynamic ways.

With its radial diffuser open, TurboRay’s ‘wash diffusion’ homogenizes and softens the light – allowing you to choose between a homogenized face or more radical effects.

There’s never been another fixture exactly like TurboRay. Offering a classic retro look with its radial diffusers, TurboRay brings a distinctive appearance to any lighting rig. Used as a punchy narrow-angle washlight or as a powerful hard edge beam that produces beautiful aerial and other effects, the fixture is truly versatile.

TurboRay’s soft edges, homogenized color and smooth intensity fall off make for a spectacular wash. And in the air or projected on a surface, the fixture’s animated gobo wheel and other features produce spectacular textures unseen in any other fixture.

For more information or to request a quote on the new TurboRay from High End, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103 or via email at

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