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Blue Planet News - JUNE 2013


Hollywood Lighting Designers Go Hog Wild


Hollywood Lighting Designers Go Hog Wild

May 15, 2013 - Las Vegas, Nevada

High End Systems Hog4

Blue Planet Lighting has shipped a multitude of new High End Systems Hog4 consoles since the line was released in late 2012. A steady stream of these new consoles have shipped to the West Coast where Hollywood Lighting Designers are designating them for use in several upcoming television series and movies.

One such designer is California based LD Morty Petersen, who contacted Blue Planet and purchased an array of new gear for his freelance lighting work as well as his company, Intelli-Dim.

Intelli-Dim specializes in State of The Art Compact Wireless Set Control including rentals, design, and operation. Petersen's gear is currently being used on several television shows including Criminal Minds, 1600 Penn, Suburgatory and Crazy Ones, just to name a few.

Morty Petersen - Lighting Designer


"I'm happy to share that after researching for a few weeks back in November, I was fortunate to find Blue Planet Lighting. They met my needs and were the best priced company out of the four bids I received.  Mike from Blue Planet was, and still is, a phenomenal communicator and made sure I was kept in the loop throughout my impatient phase waiting for the Hog4 line to launch. In addition, I was lucky enough to hook up a few fellow programmers from Hollywood with Blue Planet's unbeatable service and prices." - Morty Petersen


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