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Smoke Factory

New: Smoke Factory Carpet Crawler

November 20, 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Smoke Factory Carpet Crawler

The famous Carpet Crawler by Smoke Factory is back with a new design and new features. With just one finger you can change your low fog via DMX from a thin flat carpet, to a knee-deep and overwhelming Special Effect for big shows. This is possible with the new Air Supply System.

Their are multiple configurations and setups for the Carpet Crawler from just an add-on solution to a complete Touring Version. As the first machine of the new generation, the Carpet Crawler has a user friendly touchpad as well as the changes are easy and intuitive.


For more information on the Carpet Crawler from Smoke Factory, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting in Las Vegas at 702-222-2103. For general inquiries or quote requests, please send an email to:

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.