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Chauvet Professional

New Product Alert: Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA

March 26, 2015 - Sunrise, Florida

A new addition to the CHAUVET® Professional atmospherics family, the Vesuvio™ RGBA brings together high output LED washes to towering fog output with ferocious intensity.

The Vesuvio™ RGBA atmospheric effect generator allows you to add red, green, blue, and amber color mixing (RGBA) to voluminous fog output for multi-colored atmospheric columns, bringing a new level of effects to your production. Vesuvio™ RGBA features a quick heating 1.6 kW heater and a 2.5L fluid tank for dependability in production, and features an incredible 40,000 cubic feet per minute output (CFM), bringing a huge punch for your show.

Chauvet Professional Vesuvio RGBA


• Advanced red, green, blue, and amber (RGBA) LED color mixing
• 40,000 cfm fog output for intense, large effects
• 2.5 l fluid tank for reliability in production
• 1.6 kW fluid heater for voluminous, heavy bursts of fog
• Strong, sturdy construction for numerous production types
• DMX control for ease of use in production situations
• 3- and 5-pin DMX input/output connections

If you would like more information or pricing on the Chauvet Professional Vesuvio RGBA, please click here to Contact Blue Planet Lighting. You can also send a formal quote request through the convenient Online Quote Request Form.

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