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DMX Track Runner Motorized Carrier

DMX Track Runner Motorized Carrier

April 18, 2017 - Secaucus, New Jersey

The Track Runner is a motorized, DMX controlled carrier running along a modified section of Triple E Unibeam track. Attach scenic elements, light fixtures, curtain panels or virtually anything that requires linear movement on stage or at an event or exhibition. Using advanced encoders and 16-bit DMX control, the Track Runner is easily programmed for precise positioning and travel.

For greater versatility, use with a wireless DMX transceiver for fully independent, wireless movement.

Benefits: Independent drive units allow for complex tracking movements impossible with a leading track rig. Allows for motorized control with serpentine curves in track. Precise and repeatable positions and limits easily set via 16-bit DMX. Gear rack drive enables inclined motion up to 30 degrees (reduced load limits)


For more information or pricing on the new DMX Track Runner, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103. For general inquiries or quote requests, you can also send an email to:

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.