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Chauvet Ovation E-930VW

Chauvet Ovation E-930VW

November 17, 2017 - Sunrise, Florida

Chauvet Ovation E-930VW

Ovation E-930VW is a high-performance, variable white ellipsodial style fixture that utilizes our unique 6-color LED system. This fixture projects a bright, beautifully flat field of light in nearly any temperature of white with high CRI and CQS.

Each color temperature can be further adjusted for +/- green to perfect the field of light. For times when a splash of color is needed, the fixture can also give you full control of each color of LED as well.

* Variable white ERS-style lighting fixture for theatre, film and production

* Color Temperature Presets from 2800 K to 8000 K with high CRI and CQS

* Virtually silent operation for use in studio and theatre applications

For more information or a quote on the new Chauvet Ovation E-930VW, contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103. For general inquiries or quote requests, you can also send an email to:

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.