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Software Update: Hippotizer V4.3.1

Software Update: Hippotizer V4.3.1

February 20, 2018 - Glendale, California

Software Update: Hippotizer V4.3.1

Hippotizer Version 4.3.1 improves on the stability and workflow of 4.3.

New features have been added:

  • Added three new Aspect Modes: Auto Fill, Fit to Width and Fit to Height.
  • The position of the camera in Visualiser is now accessible from pins so controllable from DMX.
  • Added Stagetech automation protocol to MultiController.

Many areas of Hippotizer have benefited from work, in particular we have focused on: 

  • The ability to export Media Manager has been restored.
  • CITP thumbnail exchange with GrandMA2 reliability has been improved dramatically.
  • The performance and stability of Quad SDI and DP capture cards has been improved.
  • Improved logic in Output Manager to make setting up larger systems easier.



For more information on the new Hippotizer Software release, contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103. For general inquiries or quote requests, you can also send an email to:

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.