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New Jands Vista 3 Consoles

New Vista 3 Consoles Released

June 5, 2018 - Toronto, Ontario

Unleash your full creativity with the power of Vista 3. Continuing to impress with its legendary timeline, visual interface, speed and ease of use, Vista 3 has been developed to dramatically enhance the existing feature set whilst also introducing a host of major new features such as; smart FX masters, the ability to merge multiple showfiles, a new colour engine, improved fixture visualisations, and a vastly expanded command line interface.

New Jands Vista 3 Consoles

V3 has introduced a way of quickly recalling application set-ups on single and multi-monitor systems, which helps to drastically increase productivity and workflow. Vista is once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible with visual control. Control of fixtures with spherical or abnormal arrays is now much improved.

New Jands Vista 3 Consoles

For more information or to purchase the new line of Vista 3 consoles, CLICK HERE.

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