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New Doug Fleenor 1212-DIN DMX/RDM Splitter

New Doug Fleenor 1212-DIN DMX/RDM Splitter

June 12, 2018 - Arroyo Grande, California

New Doug Fleenor 1212-DIN DMX/RDM Splitter


The 1212 is a bi-directional, DMX512/RDM, DIN-rail mounted splitter. The power and signal connections are made via wiring to the terminal blocks. These splitters have fully isolated inputs. The twelve outputs share a common power supply (all commons are tied together).

1212-DIN is a one input, twelve output DMX/RDM DIN rail mounted splitter

1212-DIN-JBOX is the 1212-DIN mounted in a NEMA 1 junction box

1212-DIN-JBOX-PS is the 1212-DIN-JBOX with an included universal power supply

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