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Hippotizer Software V4.3.3 Released

Hippotizer Software V4.3.3 Released

June 14, 2018 - Glendale, California

Green Hippo has released the latets version of their powerful media server software:

V4.3.3 Highlights:

Improved performance of NDI Send - Sending video over NDI from the mix will not slow down the engine frame rate anymore.

Improved performance of layer compositions with alpha - When you use alpha mix modes the number of layers you can playback at once is now greater (how much depends on many factors).

Output detection and management has been improved - V4+ systems now should be easier to configure,V4 and V4+ now clearly support 59.94 FPS.

A potential engine crash in V4+ systems using SHAPE has been fixed.

Over 20 other issues have been resolved.

We advise all users of 4.3.2 to upgrade to 4.3.3, programming is not affected.


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