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New Doug Fleenor DMXdoohickey

New Doug Fleenor DMXdoohickey

October 26, 2018 - Arroyo Grande, California

The new Doug Fleenor DMXdoohickey is a DMX512 testing device that displays the level recorded into channel 512. This channel is often used to hold the universe number of that particular DMX line, and the DMXdoohickey is a quick testing device to show that number. The DMXdoohickey wakes up when it detects a DMX512 signal. It displays the level of channel 512 by flashing a series of three numbers when in decimal mode, or a series of two numbers when in percentage mode. It will continue to do so with pauses between each series until it is unplugged or the DMX signal is lost. It will then replay the value one or two more times depending on when it was disconnected. When not in use, the DMXdoohickey goes into sleep mode in order to save power.

Doug Fleenor DMXdoohickey

From the factory, the DMXdoohickey reads in decimal form (range 000-255). While in decimal mode, the decimal point on the bottom-right of the display is illuminated. If a percentage display is desired (range 00-FL), a PCB trace next to the lanyard hole can be cut. Please note that this modification is non-reversible. If the DMXdoohickey detects an invalid signal, it will display three dashes (- - -). When DMX512 packets are present which do not have a 512th channel, the DMXdoohickey will display “NO CHN 512”.

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