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ETC Retires Smart Product Line

July 18, 2019 - Middleton, Wisconsin

After many years of reliable service, ETC is retiring the Smart product line. This
includes SmartPack portable and wall mount units, SmartModule2, SmartBar2, and
SmartStand for all global territories. This retirement reflects the continual shift to the adoption of LED fixtures in the entertainment lighting market and understanding the changes to infrastructure that this shift requires. ETC has a complete line of switched power control solutions for the areas of the market served by Smart products. From the 
portable ColorSource Relay, to the affordable Foundry Mini Panel, to the higher 
capacity Echo Relay Panel and Sensor IQ products, there are options for every 
need and budget.

For our many customers who still utilize tungsten fixtures, ETC will continue to offer a
variety of dimming products. For applications where portable solutions are
required, the Source Four Dimmer offers a great single-circuit option, while
Sensor3 portable packs offer more circuits of dimmed control. For applications
where installed solutions are required, Sensor3 and Unison DRd racks are ideal
high capacity solutions, while Echo and Foundry have 600W phase-adaptive dimmers
that are an affordable option for lower capacity loads. 

In keeping with ETC’s strong commitment to customer service, even though we will no
longer sell these products, we will continue to support them for years to come. 

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