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HPU Released By High End Systems

October 6, 2020 - Austin, Texas

High End Systems recently announced the release of their new HPU Hybrid Processing Unit.  HPU is the new hybrid processor unit for the Hog 4 family. One HPU unit can act either as a rack-mounted console with or as a DMX Processor connected to another Hog 4 family console product, capable of 64 universes of output from a single 2U 19-inch rack mount device. With all the power of a Hog 4 console, the HPU is designed for those applications where permanent hardware front-panel interfaces are not necessary, such as cruise ships, theme parks, and architectural lighting installations.

In console mode, the HPU can also act as a backup to any Hog 4 family console. Plug a Hoglet 4 into the HPU, add up to two touch screen monitors and you have a powerful, stable control system ready to take on any show. HPU is fully expandable using Wings, Widgets and DMX Processors. In DMX Processor mode, the HPU packs a punch, expanding any other Hog 4 console product by up to 64 universes of output in a compact, rack-mounted device.

For more information on the new High End Systems HPU, Contact Blue Planet Lighting