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Elation Releases New Paladin Fixtures

October 7, 2019 - Los Angeles, California

Elation Professional is pleased to offer three new luminaires in its Paladin™ series of versatile wash/blinder/strobe lights. The Paladin Cube, Paladin Brick and Paladin Panel – all with IP65 protection, are compact and powerful outdoor flood lights useful for a wide variety of applications from stage/set washes to dynamic uplighting and eye candy effects.  Using 15W RGBW cells – 9, 24, and 50 respectively – they add vibrant color to outdoor events while individual cell control and strobe make them flexible effect lights or audience blinders. RGBW color mixing gives a full spectrum of color options, including high-impact white light, for beautiful floods or accents. For added dynamism, multiple pixel zone control can be incorporated for spectacular pixel mapped and eye candy looks.

Paladin Cube: The New Elation Paladin Cube houses 9 x 15W RGBW cells with 3 x 1 cell control. Output for such a compact unit is surprising at 3,200 lumens and operation is completely noiseless. Measuring a small 9.8 x 7.8 x 5.5 in. (249 x 199 x 140 mm) and weighing just 10.5lbs (4.75kg), it can work discreetly in any set or stage.

Paladin Brick: The new Elation Paladin Brick houses 24 x 15W RGBW cells with 3 x 2 cell control. With an output of 9,600 lumens, it is powerful enough to wash larger areas while its broader face makes for a truly flexible strobe/blinder or dynamic eye candy effect.

Paladin Panel:  The new Elation Paladin Panel houses 50 x 15W RGBW cells with 5 x 2 cell control. Its 21,300 lumen output means it can function as a high-output wash light to cover large areas from a distance or as a brilliantly bright blinder, powerful strobe or large-face eye candy effect.  

Simple to operate standing on a floor or easy to hang in any orientation using the provided omega brackets, the new Paladin fixtures have a solid build quality and are certified to IP65 to eliminate any dust and water ingress worries. IP rated connections make them ideal to illuminate large areas at outdoor events. An included diffuser softens and spreads the light while a range of optional diffusers, barndoor and shader add to their possibilities.

For more information or pricing on the new Paladin Series of Fixtures from Elation, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103 or via email at

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