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New Robe Esprite LED Moving Light

September 4, 2019 - Davie, Florida

Robe, the recognized leader in moving light technology, has made another major leap in innovation. The new ESPRITE LED automated luminaire has a fast-change, low-cost, transferable light engine ingeniously solving the problem of performance longevity for those preferring the higher brightness of white source LEDs as an obvious replacement for their aging stock of discharge workhorses.

The self-referencing, data capturing WTE 650W (White Transferable Engine) LED source, designed, developed and manufactured within our own factory, allows for rapid and economical “lamp-like” exchange to give the fixture a life well beyond those of non-user replaceable LED sources. Performance has not been compromised with the 27,000 lm fixture output producing a piercing 85,000 lux at 5m. This is enhanced by our legendary precision optics to produce crystal clear white light.

The comprehensive feature set includes: Flat field CMY mixing; variable CTO, two fast colour wheels; one indexable and rotatable gobo wheel; a fixed gobo wheel CTO filters; 6-facet rotating prism; 1° soft edge and 5° wash type frosts;  an animation wheel and spectacular multi-colour effects.Quick, accurate, easy framing is provided via our patented fast framing shutter module with individual blade control and +/-60° rotation capability for extra fine control.

ESPRITE by design removes any airflow over the optics, resulting in reduced residue deposits thus extending periods between cleaning.Furthermore, the optional unique Hot-Spot feature allows you to move from a flat field beam to a 2,5:1 ratio hot-spot beam giving uniform intensity when overlaying beam edges to create smooth washes of light; Cpulse™ flicker free management system for the latest cameras and our L3™ Low Light Linearity dimming for ultra-smooth fade to black for seamless integration into traditional lighting rigs.

For more information or pricing on the new Robe ESPRITE, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103 or via email at

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