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New MEGA-lite MW1 Wash Fixture

September 25, 2019 - Helotes, Texas

The MW1 is part of the new MEGA-Lite M-Series. This compact soft edge wash unit features seven 40W RGBW OSRAM LEDs with independent pixel control. The built in macros allows the unit to have colors added for easier programming of a varitey of color combinations.

With the ability to be used as a wash or beam, it has a mechanical 9º to 44º zoom range which adds to the flexibility of being able to project from narrow to wide beams that enhance the aerial and wash effects. Its wide color spectrum offers a range of deep saturated colors, including soft pastel shades that can transform any room. With a 540º pan and 270º tilt, it features a powerful stepper motor that allows the unit to create rapid movement transitions.

It is an affordable, small yet powerful product, that can be used in numerous applications including churches, theaters, mobile DJs and clubs. With a variety of color schemes, beam and wash effects, the MW1 can be just what your next light show needs.

For more information or pricing on the new MEGA-lite MW1 Wash, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting at 702-222-2103 or via email at

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